Member Sponsors - Select an On-Air Message as a Thank-You Gift

With a contribution of $365 or more to WUSF 89.7, you may select a Member Sponsor message as your thank you gift.
A Member Sponsor message is a wonderful way to wish a loved one Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary. It is also a way to honor a special person, family member, or favorite composer who left a lasting impression on your life.
Your personal on-air message will run three (3) times during the day and time slot of your choice.
If you would like more information about becoming a Member Sponsor, please give us a call in WUSF's Member Services office at 800-741-9090. We look forward to talking with you.
You can also reach us via email at or by writing to:
WUSF Public Broadcasting
Member Services
4202 East Fowler Ave, WRB219
Tampa, FL 33620-6860

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