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February 2016 Volume 2/2016 WUSF TV
Monday, Feb 22

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Machine Change Up Patchwork, Part 2" Make a Square Within a Square quilt block; then vary the fabric sizes for creative options. Learn to make a Square Within a Square block the traditional way; then change the mix, varying the length of the fabric pieces to stitch a Rectangle Within a Rectangle and a modern Floating Square block. All blocks and quilt designs are made with Nancy's signature streamline quilting techniques.

8:30 AM It's Sew Easy "Tucks and Texture" There are many different ways to manipulate fabric for a textural look and feel. Especially in a monochromatic color scheme texture really stands out. Rebecca Kemp Brent starts out with a tucked bolster pillow - it's a traditional technique and look that complements many different decor styles. Then, it's a traditional quilting technique in a nontraditional way as Angela Wolf uses a walking foot to quilt a jacket. We finish up with flat felled seams - common in quilting but incorporated into clothing with Janet Pray.

9:00 AM Beads, Baubles and Jewels "Add Movement to the Story" Make movement part of the story. Author and artist Candie Cooper uses a tassel-maker to create tassels in a variety tones and textures. Then, Katie makes gorgeous crystal earrings using the same settings used by high-end costume jewelry manufacturers.

Tuesday, Feb 23

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Change Up Patchwork, Part 3" Make a 9-patch block; then change fabric sizes to show artistic options. Nancy shows you the basics of stitching the versatile 9-patch quilt block, and then she details how to take a fresh approach toward assembling the block to change it up! Modify the size of the fabric strips, use fabric scraps to make a vintage quilt, or change the color to provide artistic options.

8:30 AM Quilting Arts "Shows and Exhibitions" Quilt shows and exhibitions are like wonderlands for quilters. From the Tokyo Quilt Festival, Luana Rubin shows some amazing miniature quilts and intricate quilted handbags. Quilting friends Leslie Tucker Jenison and Jamie Fingal share insights on entering and curating quilt exhibitions. For those just starting their quilt journey, Kristine Lundblad has a perfect cross quilt project.

9:00 AM Fit 2 Stitch "The Trench Coat - Look at Me Now!" Every traveler needs a great all-weather trench coat. Your road trip ends tips you need to make this fashion basic that is great wherever you travel.

Wednesday, Feb 24

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Simple to Chic T-Shirt Remakes, Part 1" Learn how to update a plain top with embroidery that is fashionable but also flawless. Nancy and guest Eileen Roche show you how to update necklines with fashionable embroidery and other easy yet creative accents. Learn how to hoop a ready made top in your embroidery machine and then watch as the programmed stitching not only adds beautiful embellishments, but changes the neckline shape.

8:30 AM It's Sew Easy "The New Century Begins - The 1900s" The Industrial Revolution was in full swing and women ventured beyond their homes into the workplace and politics. Angela Wolf creates a luxurious kimono duster inspired by those worn over long, full skirts and dresses. Kathy McMakin uses today's machines to create a precious heirloom baby bonnet you'll treasure.

9:00 AM Sew It All "Rock The Tote, Rashida Coleman-Hale"Make a purse with plenty of pockets.

Thursday, Feb 25

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Simple to Chic T-Shirt Remakes, Part 2" Learn how to easily and creatively use your embroidery machine to give a plain top a new focus. Nancy Zieman and embroidery expert Eileen Roche give you the confidence and inspiration you need to update the neckline of a top with designer touches. Use embroidery to add thread motifs and programmed stitches to change the shape of a neckline.

8:30 AM Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting "Just Beachy" Would you like to add a touch of whimsy to your next pool side gathering? This beach ball placemat and mini mat project would be the perfect addition. Patrick and Marianne will walk you through the basics of raw edge applique with tips on machine quilting like a pro.

9:00 AM Knit and Crochet Now! "Artsy Afghans" Host Deborah Norville believes nothing says you're special like a handmade afghan, it's like a perpetual hug from the person who stitched it. Ellen is first up with the Geometric Crochet Afghan, which features a lace border, and then Kristin shows how to stich up the Windowpane Afghan, which is knit in the round, then cutting it to make it flat! In the stitch corner Ellen teaches how to Crochet a Cable

Friday, Feb 26

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy " Hoop It Up - Guide to Successful Embroidery, Part 1" Use your embroidery sewing machine to create unique gift bundles for a baby, kids, or friends. Wondering if you're up to the task? Let Nancy and guest, Marie Zinno, show you how to hoop for success on a variety of standard gift items such as baby bibs, tote bags, and hooded towels. You'll soon find that learning the right way to attach fabrics to an embroidery hoop leads to embroidery success.

8:30 AM Quilt In A Day "Old Maid's Puzzle and Double Ax Head" Eleanor adapts two 1930's traditional applique patterns to the 21st century with her fusible interfacing technique. "Waste not - Want not"was the motto of the 1930's and Eleanor shares some of the clever ways quilters used up every bit of their fabric.

9:00 AM Knitting Daily "Literary Knits" Visit the knitting library as former costume designer Annie Modesitt talks about knitting's place in literature. Then, Nikol Lohr shares some of her amazing literature-inspired knits virtually, from the old schoolhouse she calls home. Next, author and designer Joanna Johnson's love for Anne of Green Gables inspired her to create a book of her own. On Tools of the Trade, Tanis reviews books for readers (and knitters) of all ages in which knitting plays a prominent role. Last is Vickie tying up Loose Ends with a crocheted bookmark tutorial.

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