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October 2014 Volume 10/2014 WUSF TV
Monday, Oct 13

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Magic Patterns, Part 2" The magic is in changing basic patterns to easy stylish designs with a spark of originality Mary Brooks Picken's idea from the 1920s to "take what's given and add a spark of originality" is the concept Nancy and Amy Barickman use in this program. They transform a cardigan into several styles, mix and match features of a magic dress with new sleeve options, and add unique closures and pockets to a coat pattern for carefree styling.

8:30 AM It's Sew Easy "Little Black Dress" This season is all about the classics and features the Little Black Dress. Angela Wolf has an extended lesson on choosing the fabric and silhouette for you own little black (or any color you like) dress and sewing darts. Then, fit expert Peggy Sager demonstrates several variations of the classic sheath dress plus jackets using the basic dress pattern.

9:00 AM Beads, Baubles and Jewels "Shape It" Today's theme is shape it. Use these techniques to form shapes that give structure and interest to your jewelry projects. Stitch wire and bead chandelier earrings, make gum drop- bead embroidered mandalas with Jennifer Van Benschoten, form a no fail soldered bangle bracelet with Kate Richbourg, and then, sculpt a beaded collar.

Tuesday, Oct 14

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "No-Hassle Triangles Quilt Blocks, Part 1" Take the annoyance out of creating quilt blocks that contain triangle shapes. Nancy demonstrates how to make no-hassle.

8:30 AM Quilting Arts "Everything Old Is New Again" Today we look back in time for inspiration. Karen Gloeggler's obsession with writer Jane Austen got even stronger when she discovered that Jane was a quilter, too! Learn how to make a beautiful pin-tucked fabric piece for Karen's "Persuasion" quilt. Catherine Redford teaches how to make the clamshell pattern, an old-fashioned English paper piecing favorite, and embellish it with big stitching. Cheryl Sleboda's tie-dyeing method, which uses ink pens, will take you back to the groovy 1960s.

9:00 AM Fit 2 Stitch "Sewing Tips That Simplify It All" Simple factory sewing methods will get you sewing like a profession in no time.

Wednesday, Oct 15

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "No-Hassle Triangles Quilt Blocks, Part 2" Make 1/4-square and 1/2-square triangles without cutting a single triangle! Learn to make 1/4-square triangles and modified 1/4-square triangles-Nancy teaches an easy method where no actual triangles are cut, only squares. Quilt blocks featured in this program range from beginner to experienced levels including the 1/4-Square Dance, Boy's Nonsense, Silent Star, Ohio Star, Star of Hope, and Card Trick blocks.

8:30 AM It's Sew Easy "Aprons and More Aprons" Even beginners can make changes to patterns. Aprons are the perfect beginning garment. There's virtually no fitting, and many ways to change them. Joy Macdonell has made aprons her signature look on her TV show Crafting at the Spotted Canary. Then, it's an apron party with designer Trish Preston. Make an apron as a party favor for the birthday girls and their favorite dolls. Last up, Angela Wolf continues the jacket and hemming the sleeve and vent.

9:00 AM Sew It All "Classic Accessories" The key to making a signature piece work is accessories. Dress it up or down with a perfect scarf or wrap. Cookie Gaynor starts with a few simple tricks and fabric choices for scarves to increase your wardrobe quickly and stylishly. Lesson 2 of the Little Black Dress features silhouettes and sewing on silk with a French seam, all with Angela Wolf. Joanne Banko gives plain pashmina wraps a makeover with bobbin work from both the embroidery and sewing side.

Thursday, Oct 16

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Nancy Zieman's Sewing A to Z, Part 1" Learn updated and easy techniques to make your sewing and quilting more enjoyable. Nancy shares a sampling of simplified tips and techniques from her book, Sewing A to Z. In this first part of the series she covers letters A-G with techniques such as preparing Anchor Cloths, making Belt Loops, Cutting Out Patterns, using Double Needles, Easing Seams, making Fabric Tubes, and using Gathers.

8:30 AM Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting "Endless Chain" Ideas for quilts come from many places and we can honor vintage quilters by creating contemporary versions of their design. Mary Fons and Jodi Davis will show you how a paper foundation pieced block is constructed, with great tips to create fabulous and precise angles.

9:00 AM Knit and Crochet Now! "Wall Art" Robyn shows how to make giant crochet motifs, designed by Linda Dean, that are perfect to hang on your wall and Kristin will take you through the steps of knitting 3 different patterns that are perfect for hanging up. Afghan square of the week is crochet Raised Chevron.

Friday, Oct 17

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy " Nancy Zieman's Sewing A to Z, Part 2" Are you looking for organized sewing techniques that are as easy as ABC? Nancy has compiled all her favorite techniques, and she features some of the best in this program. In this second part of the series she covers letters I-P. See techniques for using Interfacing, Lining Jacket Sleeves, stitching Knit Seams, Layering, Mitering Corners, marking Notches, Organizing Fabric, and sewing Pintucks.

8:30 AM Quilt In A Day "Orion's Star Quilt, Part 1" Eleanor adds stars to a traditional Log Cabin block.

9:00 AM Knitting Daily "Tiny Details" Today's show looks at knitting and fitting baby, kids, and doll clothes. First, designers Kate Gagnon Osborn and Courtney Kelley demonstrate shaping and construction techniques that are especially important when knitting for babies. Then, we'll spend some overseas Space to Space time in the home studio of Erika Knight in Brighton, England. Next, Brandy Fortune demonstrates a sweet skirt, for a doll or daughter. Then, Tanis is in the yarn spotlight. Vickie closes with a tip for turning a basic baby hat into an heirloom gift by adding a simple crochet flower.

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