Advanced Visualization Center

Advanced Visualization Center

From Mayan monuments and dinosaur fossils to jellyfish x-rays and human CT scans, the Advanced Visualization Center is changing how USF students and faculty see things. University Beat on WUSF TV takes you inside the Center, where a huge 3-D video wall is putting the world around us in a whole new focus.

Advanced Visualization Center

Put together 16 high-resolution stereoscopic 3-D monitors and you get a display two to three times better than any I-MAX movie theater screen. With a device like that, you can look at objects smaller than a human hair or examine minute details of an ancient artifact. That’s the promise of the USF Advanced Visualization Center. This week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7 takes you there.

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Howard Kaplan
USF Visualization Specialist
Advanced Visualization Center website
USF’s Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies website


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