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Crisis Center Class

USF’s Honors College is offering a class that puts students on the phone with those who desperately need help. University Beat on WUSF TV takes you to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and shows you how these students are assisting people with questions on everything from foreclosure to suicide.

African Journalists

Threats of imprisonment, torture, even death…those are just some of the things journalists in Africa face for simply trying to report the news. A group of these reporters and editors recently visited America to find out more about our country, and that included a weeklong trip to the Bay area, where they met with USF St. Pete journalism students. We’ll tag along and see what both sides learned on this week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7 FM.

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University Beat: Crisis Center Class Web-only #3

USF Associate Professor of Aging Studies Lisa Browntalks about the preparation, training and work the students undertake in the 211 Hotline Service Course.

Amber Boose, Public Health Junior, and Christine Hilliard, Biology Sophomore, discuss their experiences in USF's 211 Hotline Service Course, including their conversations with suicidal callers and how they're always supported by the supervisors at the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay.

David Braughton, President & CEO of the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, speaks about what how USF's 211 Hotline Service Course teaches students compassion. He also discusses what you think about suicides and the holiday season might just be wrong.

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Crisis Center Class
Lisa M. Brown, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, USF School of Aging Studies
David Braughton
President & CEO, Crisis Center of Tampa Bay
African Journalists
Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists webpage
Dr. Robert Dardenne, Chair, USF St. Petersburg Dept. of Journalism & Media Studies

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