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USF College of Marine Science Dean William Hogarth talks at kick-off of USF's ResearchOne
USF highlighted its efforts in science and innovation during the annual “ResearchOne” celebration. University Beat on WUSF TV brings you highlights from the ResearchOne kick-off event, which focused on the pivotal role USF marine scientists have played in investigating the Gulf oil disaster.

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Student-zombies at USF St. Petersburg (Picture by Aaron Alper, makeup by Becca Roberts)
USF Zombies

Just in time for Halloween, zombie-mania is hitting USF!
This week on University Beat on WUSF 89.7, we talk with a pair of USF students whose publishing company has released a new anthology of zombie stories set in the Bay area…we also look at a weeklong role-playing game that pits zombies versus humans almost anywhere on campus…and we take you to a class that shows the artistic side of the living dead!

(The clip below is the long-form "Director's Cut", which was never heard on the radio!)

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Video extras

Dr. Karen Holbrook, USF Sr. VP for Research & Innovation, talks about the purpose of USF’s ResearchOne.

David Fries, EcoSystems Technology Group, USF College of Marine Science, explains the new solar-powered underwater roving vehicle and retrieval system his group is testing out for use in research in the Gulf. He hopes to have 2 of these vehicles and sampler systems in use by mid-November.


Dr. Michael Crosby, Sr. VP for Research, Mote Marine Laboratory, describes the Mote Mobile Aquarium they brought to ResearchOne. He also talks about the relationship Mote has with USF.

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Lynn Cooil, USF TRAIN (The Research Administration Improvement Network)
lcooil@research.usf.edu 813-974-8124

ResearchOne website

Preview of USF-sponsored Gulf Oil Spill Conference, Feb 9-11, 2011

USF Gulf Oil Spill Information Center

Zombie Nation: St. Pete is currently available at www.ZombieNationPublishing.com and the Barnes & Noble USF St. Petersburg bookstore, and will soon be available on Amazon.com.

Humans vs. Zombies on USF’s Tampa campus

Humans vs. Zombies Facebook page

USF Concepts & Practices Facebook page, including schedule of zombie events this week



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