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Haitian teachers meet with Dr. Barbara Cruz of USF's Dept. of Secondary Education
Haitian Teachers Update
Last summer, USF hosted a group of educators from Haiti who wanted to improve their teaching skills. Months later, a devastating earthquake ravaged their country, yet somehow, the teachers all survived. The University of South Florida is once again reaching out to them as they try to save their country’s education system. University Beat on WUSF-TV shows you some of the steps USF is taking, and also introduces you to one of the teachers, who is now attending classes here.

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Lycée Anacaona de Léogâne, a high school in the Haitian town of Léogâne, destroyed by the January 2010 earthquake
Haitian Teachers Update

University Beat on WUSF-89.7 FM has a story of tragedy and recovery. A group of Haitian educators that came to USF last summer to improve their teaching skills all survived the massive earthquake in January. Now, USF is working with these same teachers to help them resurrect Haiti’s schools. That’s this week on University Beat.

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Teacher / USF student Jean François Dujour shares the story of how he survived the earthquake that struck just miles from his school in Léogâne, Haiti this past January.

Jean François talks about the challenges faced by the education system in Haiti even before the earthquake and how he'd like to help address them.


Dr. Barbara Cruz from USF’s Department of Secondary Education says the Haitian teachers who visited USF last summer are struggling since the earthquake. She also says there’s a great need for school supplies.
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Dr. Barbara Cruz & Dr. Mark Amen talk about what they encountered on their recent visit to Haiti.


Dr. Mark Amen, Academic Director for USF’s Patel Center for Global Solutions, says he and Dr. Cruz were in Haiti to visit an education symposium put on by the Interuniversity Institute for Research and Development (INURED).
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USF Patel Center for Global Solutions



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