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Water maze to test the memories of the mice.
Alzheimer's-Cell Phones
In findings that are the exact opposite of what they expected, USF researchers have discovered that cell phone exposure may actually be good for you, as it could be a tool in the battle against Alzheimer’s. This week’s University Beat on WUSF-TV takes you inside the laboratories of the USF Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center to show you the surprising results.

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Dr. Gary Arendash, his mice test subjects & the transmitter.
Alzheimer's-Cell Phones

In research that’s gained worldwide attention, USF scientists have found that your cell phone may actually protect you against Alzheimer’s disease! This week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7 FM looks into the surprising discovery and tells you what the researchers hope to do next as they search for a cure for a disease that affects millions of Americans.

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Dr. Gary Arendash, Research Professor at the USF Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, talks about the testing procedures used on the mice, who are implanted with the human genes known to lead to Alzheimer's.

Dr. Arendash says these findings DON’T mean humans should start chatting away even more on their cell phones!


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Gary W. Arendash, Ph.D., Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
813-974-1584 arendash@cas.usf.edu



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