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Snap Judgment is “a storytelling show with a beat…about decisions that change everything” according to host and executive producer, Glynn Washington. It’s not just the stories, it’s the way they’re told – that will keep you coming back. Each vignette is its own, wee performance, and each week, Snap Judgment focuses on a theme then takes listeners on a rollercoaster audio ride through real life stories. These are not your Grandmother’s tales of life!

Saturday 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM on WUSF 89.7

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Glynn Washington

Before creating the Snap Judgment radio show, Glynn worked as an educator, diplomat, community activist, actor, political strategist, fist-shaker, mountain-hollerer, and foot stomper. Glynn composed music for the Kunst Stoff dance performances in San Francisco, rocked live spoken word poetry in Detroit, joined a band in Indonesia, wrote several screenplays, painted a daring series of self portraits, released a blues album, and thinks his stories are best served with cocktails.

From Snap Judgment

  • Snap Special - My Mother's Daughter
    <p>On the next podcast only Snap Special..."My Mother's Daughter." You can argue, laugh, and cry but you can never change who you came from. Support Snap Judgment storytelling at <a href=""></a></p>
  • The Admission, Snap Special - My Mother's Daughter
    <p><span>Pia's Letter of Acceptance from NYU should have been the best news she heard all day -- but her mother's reaction changed everything. </span><br><br><a href=";">See the film of Pia's amazing Snap Judgment LIVE in NYC performance here</a><span>.</span><br><br><br><span>Original score composed by Alex Mandel.  Performed by Alex Mandel, Tim Frick, and David Brandt. </span><br><br><span>Reach out to Pia via Twitter </span><a href="" target="_blank">@PiaGlenn</a><span> / Insta: </span><a href="" target="_blank">@Pia_Glenn</a></p>
  • It's A Girl, Snap Special - My Mother's Daughter
    <p>Glynn's mother always wanted a daughter.</p> <p>Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller</p>
  • Like A Virgin, Snap Special - My Mother's Daughter
    <p>Vijai discovers that once you lose your virginity it is almost impossible to get it back. Almost.</p> <p>Performed by Vijay Nathan LIVE! in Ann Arbor </p> <p><span>Original score composed by Alex Mandel.  Performed by Alex Mandel, Tim Frick, and David Brandt. </span></p>
  • The Three Christs Of Ypsilanti
    <p><span>In 1959, psychiatrist Milton Rokeach brought together three schizophrenic men who believed they were Jesus Christ, hoping to cure them of their delusions. But over time, his methods became dangerously amoral.</span><br><br><span>Thanks to Richard Bonier and Ronald Hoppe for their help.  Additional thanks to Peter Shyppert as the voice of Milton Rokeach.</span><br><br><span>You can buy The Three Christs of Ypsilanti, Rokeach’s book, </span><a href="">right here</a><span>.</span><br><br><span>Producer: Stephanie Foo</span></p>
  • Brando Skyhorse, Snap #807 - Born Identity
    <p>What's in a name? </p> <p>Special thanks to Brando Skyhorse. Check out Brando's memoir, "Take this Man", and his award winning novel, "The Madonnas of Echo Park."</p> <p>To learn more about Brando's work, go to<a href=""></a> .</p> <p>A very big thanks to Curt Wells and Bennington College.</p> <p> </p> <p>Producer: Liz Mak</p> <p>Original Score and Sound Design: Leon Morimoto</p> <p> </p>
  • First Born's Second Chance, Snap #807 - Born Identity
    <p>Glynn makes a deal with his brother to get out of his biblical duties.</p> <p>Producer: Pat Mesiti Miller</p>
  • Snap #807 - Born Identity
    <p>On the next all-NEW Snap..."Born Identity." There is the person you were born to be, and then there is the person you're creating. But what happens when both sides battle it out?</p>
  • Seeking Asian Female, Snap Special - Heart's Desire
    <p><span>What if an older white male started chasing young Asian females?  Is that right?  Is that racist?</span><br><br><span>Debbie Lum sets out to make a documentary exposing the loathsome "Yellow Fever" phenomenon. She began filming Steven, a 60-year old white man, and Sandy, a 30-year old woman from China. But when Steven and Sandy need a translator, Debbie uncomfortably finds herself on the other side of the camera.</span><br><br><span>To see the story unfold with your own eyes, check out Debbie's documentary,</span><a href=""> </a><a href="">Seeking Asian Female</a><a href="">.</a><span> It's truly fascinating, and it premiered on PBS' </span><em>Independent Lens</em><span> on May 6, 2013.</span><br><br><span>She also has a fantastic web project discussing sex and race at </span><a href=""> </a><span>Check it out. </span><br><br><br><span>For more locations and dates, go to </span><a href=""></a><span>.</span><br><br><span>Producer: Stephanie Foo</span></p>
  • JDate, Snap Special - Heart's Desire
    <p><span>See Josh Healey's amazing performance, "</span><a href="">How To Help Your Mom Set Up Her Online Profile On </a><a href="">JDate</a><span>."</span><br><br><span>Original score composed by Alex Mandel, and performed by Alex and the Snap Judgment Playaz (Tim Frick &amp; David Brandt.)</span><br><br><span>Performed at Snap Judgment LIVE in San Francisco's Nourse Theater. Recorded and mixed by Pat Mesiti-Miller.</span></p>

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