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From Ed S. :  "I am a 63 year old male who has been doing yoga off and on for over 40 years. .. I would like ..your opinion & help on doing forward bends. Can you give me some tips so that I would eventually be able to fold like a jackknife while keeping my legs straight? Is this possible for everyone to do? I come pretty close, but can never seem to get those last 6 or 8 inches of forward folding. "

Many people have difficulty with forward folds!  So, don't be discouraged! 
There are many reasons why forward folding is difficult -- so it's really important for you to have body awareness and notice where you feel your limitations are coming from.  Some people feel it in their hamstrings; some in their lower back; some across the back of their knees; some notice it in their hips.  So, forward folding incorporates many parts of the body, and you really need to understand where you feel the deepest stretch and/or what you think is stopping you from continuing forward.
Once you know your limitation, then you can move from there.   For example, if you notice that it's your hamstrings that are limiting you, you can do more stretches to work on elongating your hamstrings.  So, if it's a muscular area -- you can certainly work to make gains.  If it's a non-muscular limitation, however, like across the back of your knees (which consists mainly of ligaments and tendons) -- you will likely never see large in those areas (you should only see about 4% stretch in those areas).
So, first is understanding your body, and second is either accepting or working to stretch the particular areas that you need help with to see those gains!
Hope that helps!  and thanks for taking the time to write !


From Jason : "I am just beginning to record your series… but I am noticing that I am jumping in at program 116 (flow version 3) instead of at the beginning. Would it be in my best interest to wait until the program starts back at the beginning at 101 or will I be alright jumping in in the middle of the series. "

Thanks for your interest in the show! :-)
Each show has a different theme, that has nothing to do with the show before or the show after it. So, you are welcome to jump in at any time!



From many: "I have a relative in another part of the country that could really benefit from Power Yoga: Mind & Body.  Where can I see a list of channels across the nation that your show will air on?"


This question has been asked so much that I just posted that information on my website, www.AdrienneReed.com!  Click on the 'Television Series" link, and you'll see a complete list of PBS channels that have decided to air our series.



From Scott in San Jose, CA:  " Where can I buy DVD or Video which has many of the segments shown on the tv show for my use at home?"


WUSF and I are currently working to download the shows onto DVD format and make them available. Keep checking www.AdrienneReed.com for details! They should be available soon!


If you have a question for Adrienne, send her an email at adrienne@namasteyogastudio.com.





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