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Florida Capitol building

The 2012 legislative session in Tallahassee will tackle the job of redrawing political boundaries, setting the stage for who will be in power for the next decade. Governor Rick Scott wants to add $1 billion to education funding while slashing funding for hospitals and medical providers. And fights loom over abortion, prisons, gambling, and other hot-button issues.

In an attempt to better serve our audience, WUSF Public Media and WLRN in Miami are producing “Session 2012,” our in-depth coverage of the Florida Legislative Session. The WUSF-WLRN collaboration will tap into the rich reporting resources of its own staff reporters, freelance audio producers, and the Miami Herald-St. Petersburg Times bureau.

Recent News Updates

House Speaker Dean Cannon is saying he shares Governor Scott’s goal of adding $1 billion back into K-12 education funding. But he’s not sure he agrees with the Governor about where to find the money.

Mayor Bob Buckhorn and state representative Dana Young from Tampa have collaborated on a bill that would make drinking and reclaimed water property of the utilities handling it.

Florida lawmakers are considering about 70 different bills that affect the state’s 1.6 million veterans.

The Florida Department of Veterans Affairs is supporting two modest bills for the 2012 legislative session that don’t require any state money.

If passed, House Bill 469 would designate August 7th as Purple Heart Day in Florida.

Jesse Biter of Sarasota is the Chair of the Santorum for President Campaign in Florida. WUSF's Craig Kopp caught up by phone with Biter in Hawaii, where he's on a long scheduled vacation, to talk about Florida campaign strategy in light of Santorum's close second place finish in the Iowa Caucuses.

Once New Hampshire's primary wraps up Tuesday, all political eyes will turn to South Carolina and Florida. Mitt Romney's backers have the most money in the bank, having aired TV ads and establishing a state headquarters next to where the GOP will hold its national convention.

Recent Episode Updates

It happens every ten years, regular as clockwork. It’s when Florida lawmakers redraw the political boundaries that determine who you get to vote for. They’re doing it right now in Tallahassee.

On this special Florida Matters, WUSF in Tampa and WMFE in Orlando are working together to answer the question, what does redistricting mean to you?

Governor Rick Scott says Florida's economy is on the mend and promised to put $1 billion back into education in his 2012 State of the State Address. Hear part of his address, along with analysis from USF political science professor Seth McKee and the Democratic response from Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich.

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