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The Florida primary, as rough and tumble as it got, made Mitt Romney a better candidate, according to Romney.

Mitt Romney won the Florida Presidential Preference Primary decisively. University of South Florida St. Petersburg Political Science Professor Seth McKee talks with WUSF's Craig Kopp about what Romney's win means for the primary race ahead - and why he won.

(AP)- Newt Gingrich says it's now clear it will be a two-person race for the GOP presidential nomination.

The former House speaker, who finished well behind Mitt Romney in Tuesday's GOP primary, says that the Florida primary shows he will be the best candidate to oppose Romney.

Thank you all. To the people of Florida tonight, thank you for this great victory. There are fewer candidates than when the race began, but the three gentlemen left are serious and able competitors. And I congratulate them on another hard-fought contest in this campaign.

A group representing Hispanic voters has sued the national Republican Party, saying its decision to penalize Florida for moving its primary to January has diluted the Hispanic vote.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi stood at Tampa's intersection of Kennedy and Dale Mabry Highway holding a Mitt Romney placard on Tuesday.

It’s decision day for GOP voters in Florida, and Mitt Romney has a double-digit lead in most polls. But Newt Gingrich supporters aren’t giving up yet.

Both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich crisscrossed through Florida during a final push before Tuesday's presidential primary. Although most polls have Romney firmly ahead, Gingrich is vowing to push on.

Newt Gingrich is campaigning hard in Florida, after recent polls have him trailing Mitt Romney in advance of Tuesday's primary. Gingrich is now banking on support from one - and possibly more - of his former rivals.

If there is a place to talk about Social Security and Medicare you would think it would be Florida. It has the largest percentage of adults age 65 and older in the nation. But an advocate for seniors says the issue is not being addressed.

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An increasingly purple state?

Florida Matters takes a look at the impact of the nation's shifting demographics on the election, and why that has some Republicans scrambling to change their image.We also take a look at how this will play out in the upcoming 2014 and 2016 contests. We talk with USF political science professor Susan MacManus, Tampa Tribune political reporter William March and Republican consultant April Schiff.

In the final days before the Florida GOP primary, and we’re speaking with top political experts about what to expect, and what it all means.

Joining us is Adam Smith, political editor of the Tampa Bay Times, GOP political consultant Mark Proctor, and USF political scientist Susan MacManus.

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