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United States - Cuba Relations
This week we meet up with some of Florida’s Cuban Americans to discuss our state's history with Cuba and our strained relationship, that continues today. We also talk embargo with some early exiles of the Castro revolution. We hear from Roberto Quiros, a Tampa man who escaped Cuba in 1994 by raft as he shares the drama of his experience.

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Swine Flu Update

This week, state health officials said 102 people have died from swine flu in Florida. Doctors say the virus usually causes only a mild illness, and those who have died had underlying medical conditions. Still, all the talk of a swine flu pandemic has people worried, especially about school children. This week: an update on swine flu in the Bay area, and what to expect for the rest of flu season.

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Tuesday at 6:30 PM | Sunday at 7:30 AM on WUSF 89.7

Monday at 10:00 PM on WSMR 89.1

Radio Guests

Dr. Julia GillChief of the Bureau of Epidemiology at the Florida Dept. of Health
Dr. Egilda TerenziMedical Director of Student Health Services at USF
Dr. Daniel HaightDirector of the Polk County Health Dept.
Linda TroupeDirector of Student Services for Polk County Schools
Sherri ReynoldsSupervisor of Pupil Support Services for Sarasota County Schools

For more information

Florida Flu Information Line 1-877-352-3581



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