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The Energy Crunch

This broadcast will deal with our current gas situation and the possibility of oil drilling off the coast of Florida, along with viable alternatives for energy.

We all felt the pinch in our wallets at the local gas station, when the price peaked just over $3.00 a gallon. Even after Katrina, the price of oil continues to rise. But the issue goes way beyond the gas pump; it affects electrical power, transportation, goods and service and much more.

So, how much more is the average Floridian willing to pay for gas? And should we rethink about allowing oil drilling off the Gulf Coast of Florida? Those are just some of the issues we'll tackle.

Program Schedule

Tuesday at 6:30 PM | Sunday at 7:30 AM on WUSF 89.7

Monday at 10:00 PM on WSMR 89.1

Radio Guests

Wayne Andrews - an energy analyst from Raymond James
Joe Murphy - of the Sierra Club
Randy Bly - of AAA South



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