Do Wildlife Corridors Work? A Conversation with Paul Beier

Final draft vision map for the Florida Wildlife Corridor initiative
TAMPA (2012-4-25) -

The Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition just finished a 1,000-mile mission, to create a continuous wildlife corridor stretching the length of the state. Now that they've reached the end of the trail, attention will be focused on getting those thousands of acres of land preserved.

The state's main land-buying program, Florida Forever, has been starved of funding. So its success will likely hinge on programs like conservation easements, which pay ranchers and farmers not to develop their land.

But does the concept behind long wildlife paths really work? To find out, who better to answer that question than the guy behind the web site, "Do Corridors Work?" We talk to Paul Beier, a professor of conservation biology at Northern Arizona University. He's co-authored statewide maps of wildlife corridors in Arizona and California.

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