Senate Approves Repair Funds for Hillsborough Correctional

TAMPA (2012-2-27) -

This week senate and house members begin the work of merging their two somewhat different budget bills. One sticking point is the creation of a 12th public university and both legislative bodies also were at odds on prison closures. That’s no longer the case for one prison in Hillsborough County.

Late last week as the Senate was approving its budget, Sen. Ronda Storms of Valrico proposed a $2 million budget amendment to pay for repairs at Hillsborough Correctional Institution. Her amendment was unanimously approved.

The 35-year-old prison’s need of repairs is one reason cited for putting it on the closure list. The Florida House passed its budget a few weeks ago which included a similar $2 million for HCI.

So, both the House and Senate appear in agreement on repairing and keeping open HCI, the women’s faith and character based prison in Riverview.

But the governor still has the final say and he’s given no indication what he will do. However, Gov. Rick Scott controls the Department of Corrections which targeted HCI for closure.

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