Volunteers Say Inmates Being Transferred Out of Hillsborough Correctional Institute

Volunteers for the prison ministry at Prince of Peace Catholic Church, one of the many volunteer groups at the Hillsborough Correctional Institute.
TAMPA (2012-2-23) -

Even as lawmakers debate whether to close a women's prison in southern Hillsborough County, the state Department of Corrections is already transferring some inmates out.

That's according to volunteers at Hillsborough Correctional Institution, who have been fighting to keep the prison open.

Those inmates are being transferred to Lowell Correctional Institution. And they're telling those volunteers the prison isn't ready for them, with prisoners being asked to bring pillows and blankets with them so they can sleep on the floor.

Anne Howard, spokeswoman for the Department of Corrections, says she can't comment on any movement of inmates for security reasons.

She also says she can't say whether they've started moving inmates or when any move might be complete.

As for the allegations about Lowell, she says any report of irregularities would have come across her desk -- and she has seen nothing.

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