Tampa City Council Votes to Draft Domestic Partner Registry

Councilwoman Yvonne Yolie Capin suggested the ordinance.
TAMPA (2012-2-23) -

The Tampa City Council voted Thursday to have city lawyers come up with a new ordinance that would create a domestic partner registry for Tampa residents.

When she introduced the proposal, Tampa councilwoman Yvonne Yolie Capin says it's been on her mind for awhile.

But she's bringing it up now because her first grandson is about to be born.

"It is her due date and she is married but this is the kind of city I want- would love to see my grandson grow up in- one of diversity and equality," said Capin.

If it passes, Tampa would follow the lead of Orlando, which recently passed its own domestic partners ordinance.

Orlando's plan says domestic partners can:

  • visit each other in the hospital
  • make health decisions and funeral arrangements for each other
  • be notified if their partner is in an emergency
  • participate in the education of the other partner's children

The city's legal department will prepare a draft of the ordinance for debate on March 15th.

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