Gingrich Sets Defiant Tone Day Before Election

Newt and Callista Gingrich press the flesh after his speech
Herman Cain warms up the crowd
TAMPA (2012-1-30) -

Both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich crisscrossed through Florida during a final push before Tuesday's presidential primary. Although most polls have Romney firmly ahead, Gingrich is vowing to push on.

A defiant Gingrich swept through Florida the day before the election, flying into five cities. During a rally at Tampa International Airport, he whipped up the faithful with a promise to keep running - and fight for change.

"I am real change," Gingrich says, "and that's why the establishment in both parties are really terrified, because we will change things."

While Gingrich rallied the party faithful to hit the polls, he ignored most of the other polls - which show him trailing Romney. Gingrich vowed to carry on until the Republican convention.

"When we win a great victory tomorrow," he told the crowd at the Tampa Jet Center, "we'll have sent a signal to George Soros, to Goldman Sachs, and to the entire New York and Washington establishment - money power can't buy people power, people power depends on conservatism, and we're determined to take back our country from the very people who don't like it."

Gingrich was joined onstage by Ronald Reagan's son Michael and Herman Cain, who recently endorsed Gingrich.

To hear Gingrich's speech at the airport, click on the "Listen to Full Audio" icon below. NOTE: Several minutes of the speech are missing due to a power outage.

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