Gingrich Banking on Support from Cain - and Maybe More

Gingrich outside Idlewild Baptist Church
Callista and Newt Gingrich
TAMPA (2012-1-30) -

Newt Gingrich is campaigning hard in Florida, after recent polls have him trailing Mitt Romney in advance of Tuesday's primary. Gingrich is now banking on support from one - and possibly more - of his former rivals.

Despite recent polls showing him solidly behind Mitt Romney, Gingrich is showing a defiant streak, vowing to campaign all the way to August's GOP convention. During a Sunday morning stop at Idlewild Baptist Church north of Tampa, Gingrich said former candidate Herman Cain plans to campaign with him in Florida. He says Romney has yet to win an outright majority in any poll.

"When you add the two conservatives together, we clearly beat Romney,"
Gingrich said in a news conference outside the church. "I think Romney's got a very real challenge in trying to get a majority at the convention."

Gingrich also hinted he may call Rick Santorum if Santorum's campaign falters in the Florida primary.

"Rick's going to get a decent vote on Tuesday - I have no doubt the two of us are going to collectively outscore Romney," he says. "At that point, it may be a pretty good conversation."

Gingrich will blanket the state Monday, with campaign appearances in Jacksonville. Pensacola, Tampa, Fort Myers and Orlando. Romney will appear Monday afternoon in Dunedin, and will hold his election night rally at the Tampa Convention Center.

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