Romney in Tampa: Time to Give the President the Pink Slip

Romney at the National Gypsum Co.
TAMPA (2012-1-24) -

Mitt Romney toured a manufacturing plant in Tampa today, fresh off his performance in last night's GOP debate. Romney is setting his sights on tonight's speech by President Obama.

After getting a tour of the National Gypsum Company at the Port of Tampa, Romney blasted the president for the nation's lingering sour economy and persistent unemployment. He says Florida's high rates of foreclosure and near-10 percent unemployment rate is enough to give the president a pink slip.

"Here in Florida, you know better," he said. "You know this president has run out of time. This president has run out of ideas, this president has run out of excuses. In 2012 we've got to make sure he's run out of the office of the White House."

Both Romney and Newt Gingrich are campaigning hard in Florida this week, in advance of next Tuesday's primary. After consistently leading in the polls, Romney has slipped in the past week and now appears to be trailing Gingrich.

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