"Unfit for Duty" Exposes Florida's Police Disciplinary System

Sgt. German Bosque of Opa-Locka has been investigated 40 times, fired five times and arrested three. PHOTO BY DAN WAGNER, SARASOTA HERALD-TRIBUNE
TAMPA (2011-12-21) -

An investigation by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune has found troubled police officers and prison guards still on the job, despite multiple cases of serious misconduct.

The series, "Unfit for Duty," discovered many law enforcement agencies employing officers despite serious misconduct in their past, everything from violence and perjury to drugs and sexual assault.

We spoke with investigative reporter Anthony Cormier. He told us about his profile of the police officer with the most problems, Sgt. German Bosque in Opa-Locka.

He's been fired five times, and investigated 40 times, 16 of those for battery or excessive force. And he's actually proud of his record.

“This is a man who sat in his car and told me about him whooping a Hispanic kid,” Carmier said, “a kid who cussed him out, telling me, ‘I whapped him in the face, I whapped him again.’

“In the end, he said, ‘I’m lucky he was a Hispanic kid. If he was a black kid, they would have hit me with a civil rights violation. I might have lost my badge.’”

Cormier says Governor Scott’s staff has expressed interest in the series. He expected more follow-up stories about reforming the system for disciplining police officers.

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