Following One Woman's Fight Against Prescription Drug Addiction

In late October, Stacy and her mom hold candles at a vigil for the hundreds of people in Pinellas County who died of prescription drug overdoses. JOHN PENDYGRAFT, ST. PETERSBURG TIMES
TAMPA (2011-12-18) -

"When her mom came to pick her up for drug court that morning, Stacy Nicholson was still high." That's how Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter Lane DeGregory starts her story.

The story of one young-woman's fight against her addiction to prescription painkillers ran in a special Sunday section of the St. Petersburg Times and is available online as well.

You've probably heard before that Florida has one of the highest rates of prescription drug abuse, and that more than seven people die every day in Florida from overdoses.

DeGregory and photojournalist John Pendygraft spent a year following Stacy Nicholson. DeGregory tells WUSF News director Scott Finn that her purpose was to put real people behind those statistics.

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