Three Generations Learn to Live Under One Roof

The Ragghianti family, from left: Ric, Travis, Devin, Tyler, and Patti (Alisa and Carter Ragghianti not pictured)
TAMPA (2011-11-29) -

Ric and Patti Ragghianti spent 25 years chasing after their three boys and watching them grow up. As you might expect, things were hectic and they were always on the go.

Last year, their youngest went to college and Ric and Patti finally had an empty nest.

But everything changed in June when their oldest, Tyler, moved back in with his wife, Alisa, and son, Carter.

This family is part of a rising trend of many generations living under one roof. It has become more common as the economy continues to struggle.

Though beneficial in some ways, the Ragghianti’s are learning that their new multi-generational arrangement also presents some minor challenges, such as coordinating grocery shopping schedules.

“They have a habit of going shopping on Sundays, I believe,” Ric said. “Sometimes we’ll run out of milk on a Tuesday or a Thursday… They’ve not been here long enough so that we know how much of, or, the quantities of food to buy at a certain time.”

But for Ric and Patti, the chance to bond with Tyler, Alisa and Carter outweigh any small headaches.

In fact, Patti credits this household setting for the stronger family bond her family has now.

“I would recommend it one hundred percent,” Patti said. “I enjoy having them here. I enjoy having the younger family here. I just think it brings you closer.”

Tyler and Alisa met as kids, began dating in middle school and have been together ever since.

With the birth of their son, Tyler and Alisa thought it would be best to move in with his parents in order to reach their family goals, like buying their own house in the next five years.

Continuing to rent property would’ve continued to keep those goals out of reach.

“It was just a situation that we had built up a lot of debt and we just didn’t want to rent anymore,” Tyler said.

While the move back home comes with benefits, Tyler and Alisa have definitely seen some rough patches.

In Alisa’s opinion, the hardest part about moving in with Tyler’s parents is losing some of her independence.

“I’ve always been very independent. Financially, I’ve always paid my own bills,” Alisa said. “And now… you almost feel like you’re taking a step backwards. And that’s probably the hardest part about doing this.”

But despite these minor issues, everyone agrees that giving Carter a strong family environment is most important thing.

The joys of having their grandson around all the time enriches Ric and Patti’s lives, while Alisa feels that Carter will grow up with an even stronger love and respect for family.

“It’s often difficult for parents to realize that their babies have grown up and they are now adults,” Alisa said. “They did a great job of raising Tyler and now we’re trying to do a great job of raising Carter.”

The Ragghiantis say their living situation is a process in which they are all growing and learning.

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