Connie Mack A Familiar Name in Politics

Do polls reflect the popularity of Connie Mack IV...
...or his great-grandfather, Connie Mack Sr.?
TAMPA (2011-11-29) -

The newest entrant in the Republican race for Senate? Cornelius Harvey McGillicuddy IV. You never heard of him? You may know him by his nickname - Connie Mack.

The Congressman from Fort Myers is topping the polls, even though he just officially entered the race Monday. But can some of that be a little voter confusion? After all, his father, the similarly-named Connie Mack, was a senator from Florida in the 1990's. And the moniker goes back to his great-grandfather, the prominent owner of a Major League baseball club. Mack says he understands the power of his name.

"That was the same thing that was said when my dad ran back in '88," Mack said during a conference call. "That because his grandfather or my great-grandfather owned the Philadelphia Athletics. I think a lot of people around the state know who I am and what I stand for."

Mack has other political pedigrees: He's a great-grandson of a Senator from Texas; and is married to Congresswoman Mary Bono - Sonny Bono's widow. And while his 8-year-old son hasn't run for office just yet, he does carry on the family tradition, as Cornelius McGillicuddy V.

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