Zombies Invade USF

Zombies from Busch Gardens' Howl-O-Scream made an appearance for Brain(s) Matter.
TAMPA (2011-10-27) -

When you sat down for lunch today, did you order a helping of brains? With Halloween right around the corner, zombie aficionados will have the opportunity to devour a two day event filled with everything-zombie.

The USF Humanities Institute will be satisfying the appetite for brains with zombie make-overs, lectures, panel discussions, and a film double feature.

The series of events is a part of the Humanities Institute's conference called Brain(s) Matter: Zombies in Contemporary Culture.

Program Assistant of the Humanities Institute Liz Kicak says the event will look at the recent cultural phenomenon of zombies.

"We've really seen a new resurgence of the popularity of zombies in the past 5 years," said Kicak. "There's lots of new films like AMC's Walking Dead and the Humans versus Zombies game- it's really kind of everywhere."

The conference kicked off with a brief history of zombies in the student Marshall Center but be aware of the living dead creeping around campus as the college wide game of tag, called humans versus zombies started on Tuesday on the USF campus.

Click here for a complete list and details of Zombie events on USF Tampa Campus.

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