State's Funding for Schools on Trial

State Funding

Florida's largest school district - Miami-Dade - is among the five challengers who have asked a three-judge panel for a new trial on the state's funding formula.

Two years ago, lawmakers stopped giving extra dollars to districts with a higher cost of living - based on consumer prices - and instead the new formula uses a survey of local wages.

A court has upheld the change that cost large districts like Miami-Dade millions of dollars.

Pointing out that the districts have gotten more money and a shrinking student population - Gov. Jeb Bush characterized this newest court challenge as just 'chronic call for more money.'

BUSH: The legislature has changed the law for the funding. The courts have ruled in favor of the legislature's decision, and now there's an appeal. That's just part of the process.

The panel of the 1st District Court of Appeal will rule at a later date on whether to reverse a trial judge who last year upheld the new formula.

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