Tentative Thumbs-Up for New Tampa Museum of Art

New Museum Site

After a lengthy discussion, museum board members said they generally like Mayor Pam Iorio's latest plan. It would erect the new museum on the edge of Curtis Hixon Park, next to a proposed Children's Museum.

Interim museum director Ken Rollins says this is a good first step toward constructing a new building.

ROLLINS: There was very enthusastic support for this site and the board really believes it has great opportunity for the Tampa Museum of Art and will be voted to move forward with due diligence in addressing any issues that may be with the site and questions for the city that may be business-related questions.

Rollins says that process should not be lengthy, because unlike the previous proposal, it would be built on a green site and not over a parking garage or in an existing building. The last plan to place the museum in a building commonly known as the 'Cubes' fell apart over the high cost of retrofitting the building.

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