Republicans Debate to Differentiate


Charlie Crist opened the candidate to candidate questioning by asking Tom Gallagher if he would support doubling the homestead exemption for property owners. Gallagher responded that he supports a different type of tax relief.

Gallagher then countered by asking Crist questions on social issues. First, he asked about same sex marriage and later asked Crist if he would sign a law banning abortion.

CRIST: I am pro-life. Unlike his ad that characterizes me as pro-choice on television. While I am pro-life, I think it's also important to respect the views of others. And, I do.

Crist said he would put stronger emphasis on adoption. Gallagher offered this rebuttal.

GALLAGHER: You didn't answer the question again. Because what the question was is: What would you do if Roe vs. Wade fell and you had a bill in front of you? What you did is you gave a pro-choice answer. That's why I say you're pro-choice.

The candidates also differed on issues such as off-shore drilling. Crist opposes any drilling while Gallagher wants to establish a permanent no-drilling perimeter. The primary is in two weeks.

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