Canvass Changes For Tampa Museum of Art

Tampa Museum Design

Higher than expected renovation costs and building appraisals - killed the latest plan to relocate Tampa's Museum of Art in the building known as the Cubes.

So, Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio asked architects working on the children's museum and pavilion for ideas.

IORIO: Could you sketch out something whereby Tampa Museum of Art could be adjacent to the Children's Museum - kind of a museum row concept - south side of the Poe Garage. You could help shield the garage from the rest of the park. I want to make sure you can have a net gain of green space, overall.

Iorio says the museum board chairwoman was receptive to the concept. The city still has $17.5 million set aside to fund a new art museum - Iorio says private contributions will have to pick up the tab for any additional costs.

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