Hillsborough Teachers Chalk Up Big Raise

Hillsborough Teachers

The 10 percent pay increase would be the largest raise for Hillsborough teachers in more than two decades. And even more money is earmarked for benefits. The total cost to the district is an additional $87 million.

Hillsborough School Superintendent MaryEllen Elia credited the pay increases in part to improved funding from state lawmakers.

ELIA: Our budget this year to handle all of the growth, and of course some of the programs that are required for our students came in much higher. And it allowed us to be able to be as focused on making sure that we could get funding to our teachers.

Elia said despite increased fuel cost and insurance rates - pay raises were a top priority.

ELIA: We tell the teachers that we have working for us how important they and in our environment salary is one of the things that does that.

The pay agreement reached by negotiators must still be approved by teachers and the school board.

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