Teacher Recruitment Expanded

Teacher Recruitment

State organizers expect more than 3,000 teaching candidates to interview at the job fair.

One is Lynn Gagnon who already works as a substitute teacher in Orange County. So she's aware of Florida's education reforms such as using student test scores to determine teacher bonuses and she supports them.

GAGNON: I'm one of the career change (teachers). I graduated with a degree in business and now I'm going into teaching so I have no problem with it.

To attract second career teachers and others to help fill the 32,000 vacancies, Florida Deputy Chancellor Pam Stewart says the state developed a year-round marketing plan.

STEWART: That's the reason more numbers are here. We have contracts with Yahoo Hot Jobs, Career Builder and Teachers-Teachers.com. And we also have gone on many more recruiting fairs this year.

Teacher recruitment has become almost a year-round effort because like last year Stewart expects there will still be teaching vacancies on the first day of school.

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