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Futurista Exhibit at Singing Stone

The Singing Stone Gallery is proud to present Futurista, an exhibit featuring handmade fine art jewelry by goldsmith and designer Dan Balk. The Opening Reception will be held Friday, October 25th from 6:00-9:00pm. The Exhibit will be on view Friday, October 25th through Sunday, November 24th, 2013.

Futurista focuses on the junctions of fine art jewelry and high fashion. Each wearable sculpture is designed for, and informed by, the non-conformist individual who chooses to celebrate innovative and unconventional expressions of beauty and self expression through body ornamentation.

In contrast to the homogenous, mass produced items that flood the consumer markets-Futurista extols the one of a kind, the singular, that achieves separation from the homologous masses through wearable objects that ellicit emotional response and project the individuals personal aesthetic.

As with all of his exhibits-Dan encourages interaction with his work, desiring the observer to not only discover the sculpture visually but interface kinesthetically, by adorning. It is only through this direct contact with his work where the observer merges with the art, that each piece of sculpture can truly be considered finished and complete.

Dan's Futurista Collection is for sale and on exhibit at the Gallery. Each piece is one of a kind, designed by Dan, who creates his own Sterling Silver, 18K and 14K gold alloys that he fashions, mills, forges, fuses and brazes into miniature sculptures for personal adornment. Dan selects and sets each stone, often performing his own lapidary work on select stones. This allows Dan complete contact and artistic connection with each piece of fine art jewelry from concept to collection.

Singing Stone Gallery & Dan Balk Jewelry Studio offers handmade designer jewelry, eclectic contemporary craft and fine art. The exhibit will be held at The Singing Stone Gallery on 8th Avenue and 19th Street in the artsy metropolis of Ybor City at 1903 N. 19 St., Tampa, FL 33605. For more information, call (813) 728-4325 or visitwww.SingingStoneOnline.Com.

Singing Stone gallery events are free, family friendly, and open to the public. All are welcome.


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