David Payne presents "An Evening with CS Lewis"

David Payne presents "An Evening with CS Lewis"

British actor David Payne will perform encore presentations of his one-man theatrical production, An Evening with C.S. Lewis, at the Carrollwood Cultural Center on Saturday, February 16 at 2pm and 8pm. Payne first performed An Evening with C.S. Lewis at the Center in 2012 and received wonderful reviews from audience members.

“When I saw An Evening with C.S. Lewis last year, I was – to use Lewis’ own phrase – ‘surprised by joy,’” wrote Evelyn Bless, vice president of the Center’s board of directors. “The one-man show was the best theatre I’d seen in years: powerful and uplifting.”

SYNOPISIS for An Evening with C.S. Lewis: The year is 1963 and C.S. Lewis, the famous British author, is in the twilight years of his life. Following a request from his great friend, J.R.R. Tolkien, he has agreed to give an informal talk to a group of American writers who are visiting England. They have come to Lewis’ home, just outside of Oxford, and are eagerly anticipating hearing the man who has become a legend in his own lifetime. They are not disappointed. Despite his failing health, Lewis is in great form. His audience is spellbound as, with a display of oratory and humor that made him one of England’s most famous public speakers, he recounts the significant events and the people that shaped his life.

ABOUT David Payne: British actor, David Payne, has gained a considerable reputation for his portrayals of the famous author C.S. Lewis. He has played Lewis in a number of productions of Shadowlands, in his self-penned Weep for Joy and in numerous presentations of his much acclaimed one-man show An Evening with C.S. Lewis. The first Lewis book Payne read was the Screwtape Letters and it was this book that inspired him to pen his first musical, Target Practice. Set in the Academy of Fiends, this energetic show features a cantankerous professor (Payne) tutoring some junior fiends on the art of tripping up humans (Targets). His latest stage show based on Lewis is his self penned St Jack & The Dragon, a touching story about Lewis and his adopted mother. After completing the audio version of a new Bible translation, he was commissioned to write a play as part of its launch. He chose to focus on the Apostle Paul and wrote Prisoner of Passion which is fast becoming one of his most sought after productions. His DVD productions include An Evening with C.S. Lewis, Prisoner of Passion, Target Practice and Relative Surprise which was shot on location in England. Payne continues to tour throughout the U.S. and U.K. and when he is not touring he is either writing or filming. He is married with two sons and three grand children.

WHAT: An Evening with C.S. Lewis with David Payne
WHEN: Saturday, February 16 at 2pm and Saturday, February 16 at 8pm
WHERE: Carrollwood Cultural Center, 4537 Lowell Road in Tampa
ADVANCED TICKETS: $20 members/ $24 non-members / $22 seniors (65+)
DAY-OF-SHOW TICKETS: $22 members / $26 non-members / $24 seniors (65+)


Carrollwood Cultural Center
4537 Lowell Road
Tampa, FL 33618
United States

Ticketing Information

2pm show: http://www.carrollwoodcenter.org/ai1ec_event/cs-lewis-2 8pm show: http://www.carrollwoodcenter.org/ai1ec_event/an-evening-with-c-s-lewis
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