Creating Inner Balance to De-Stress Your Life

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As women today, creating inner (and outer) balance in our lives today can be a huge challenge and an ongoing struggle. Many times we fall into the trap of trying to be everything for everyone. With the pressure of family responsibilities and work requirements, it's easy to feel we have "no choice" and there is no alternative to being this way. However, you do have a choice! During my Creating Inner Balance to De-Stress Your Life workshop, you’ll discover the key to trusting your feminine intuition to help you de-stress. You’ll experience three methods to instantly relieve the pressure and ease the tension to find your inner balance. You’ll acquire the tools to break out of your usual habits to effortlessly “rewrite the rules” of your life so they work for you (and for those around you). Led by Bonnie Snyder, Ed.S., CPC, DCEP.

Bonnie is passionate about igniting and supporting people to step into their optimal energetic "diamond" signature for empowerment, peace, and joy. She is an expert in reducing stress, practices Positive Psychology and has a background in counseling and coaching. Additionally, she has a diploma in Energy Psychology.

Fee: $15


Franciscan Center
3010 N. Perry Ave.
Tampa, FL 33603
United States

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Franciscan Center

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