Béisbol: Tampa’s Love of the Game

The exhibit will highlight the incredible 100+ year history of Tampa’s infatuation with baseball, or béisbol, as the game was known to the Latin players whose early beginnings in Ybor City and West Tampa led to notable achievements in the major and minor leagues. Baseball greats such as Al Lopez (El Señor), Tony La Russa and Lou Piniella, as well as many others, had their beginnings in Ybor City’s Cuscaden Park and other local venues. The exhibit will provide an introspective view of the intersocial, West Tampa, Cigar Factory, Tampa Smokers and Negro leagues, as well as the Cubans, Italians and Spaniards.


Ybor City Museum State Park
1818 E. 9th Avenue
Tampa, FL 33601
United States

Ticketing Information

Admission is $4 per person. Children 5 and under are free. http://ybormuseum.org/images/stories/documents/beisbol%20gazette%20volume%201%20issue%203%20f.pdf
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