Accessing the Akashic Records

Accessing the Akashic Records:
Discover Your Soul’s Journey Workshop
May 4th & 5th 12-6pm

The Akashic Records are known as the etheric “library” that holds all the life experiences of every soul since time began. They are energetic records of all the events, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that have ever happened. The records also contain all the possibilities that can happen. Your soul’s past, present and future are recorded in the Akashic Records. They are referred to as “The Book of Life” and are an extraordinary way to gain clarity, and realize your soul’s purpose.

Day One – May 4th 12 – 6 PM Day Two – May 5th 12 – 6 PM
History and background of the Akashic Records Deeper meditation for centering & balancing
Introduction to the benefits & use of the Akashic Records Practice reading the Akashic Records
Guidelines and rules for reading the Records Learn to access past lives, and future lives
Techniques and tools to access the records Practice reading for past lives
How to know when you’re in the Records Practice reading for future lives
Deep meditation to become centered & balanced Discover how to access the Records for others
Brief Akashic Records experience More practice time, “practice, practice, practice”
Common questions and answers How to heal yourself and others in the Records
Question and answer time

If you would like to attend this fantastic two day workshop, cost is $100 total and must be scheduled in advance. Deposit due at time of scheduling is $50. Please call 813-986-3212 to reserve your seat.

There will be two short breaks and lunch each day, so please pack a lunch! Bring a blank journal and a pen to record all your experiences. Dress comfortably and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Amie Escher is a Soul Awareness Life coach. With this specialization, she helps clients shape their spiritual life purpose, open divine communication channels between Angels and Spirit Guides undo limiting beliefs, and helps clients learn to trust intuitive guidance. Amie holds her Doctorate degree in Metaphysical Science and Ordained Ministers Certification. She is certified in The Book of Life (Akashic Records), as a Spirit Guide Coach and Life Coach to help clients reach their full potential. She is the author of: 50 Important Truths to Remember: A Little Book for A Big Awakening and the forthcoming spiritual fiction book: What You’ve Forgotten: An Inward Journey To Remembrance.

Special Offer: Attend both days and receive 2 free Soul Awareness Life coaching sessions (value of $199)

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