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JFK in Tampa: The 50th Anniversary combines rare film footage of President Kennedy’s Tampa speeches, unique photos and actual first-hand accounts from people who were there. This one-hour documentary takes us back to a simpler time in 1963: when the average income was $5,800, a loaf of bread was 22-cents, the most popular TV show was The Beverly Hillbillies and on November 18th, 1963 JFK came to Tampa.

This was the very first time a sitting President came to Tampa and tens-of-thousands turned out along the 28-mile Presidential motorcade route. JFK was riding in the very same open convertible used in Dallas … just four days later. Few were aware of the dangers and death threats in Tampa that day.

This documentary captures all the tensions and joy of that visit. But this isn’t about conspiracy theories or the assassination. It’s a video time-capsule about a city’s special day in the sun. JFK in Tampa: The 50th Anniversary relives and preserves otherwise forgotten stories. You’ll hear from dignitaries who rode and shared the stage with JFK, journalists and people in the crowd, waving on street corners and flocking to his speeches. Their stories are emotional and heartfelt. It was a magical and memorable day.


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