5th Annual Summer Camp for Young Movie-Makers

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5th Annual Summer Camp for Young Movie-Makers July 15-26, 2013
This summer, the Sunscreen Film Festival Film School will present a two-week summer camp. Participants will script, shoot and edit as many as four films, which they will present at their own festival at the end of the camp.

The camp focuses in the beginning, as all good movies must, on storytelling. Kids will learn to craft the events of stories into compelling sequences that build tension and suspense and plant vital questions in the viewers' minds. Then everyone will write a short script employing what they've learned.
Concurrently, campers will get a good overview of cinematography, with industry experts using the same equipment the campers will be using. These experts will demonstrate shots and camera angles along with sound and lighting principles essential for good filmmaking.
At the end of the first week, the faculty will choose up to four of the campers' original films for actual production. It will then divide the campers into production teams in preparation for the next three days during which they will shoot the scripts.
The last two days of camp will be devoted to post-production during which the movies will be edited, music added, credits appended and whatever other creative touches the campers devise.
Finally, the completed films will be shown at a Sunscreen Film Camp Festival on the last day of camp, July 26th.
Email Harry Chittenden at harry@sunscreenfilmfestival.com or call him at 727-420-0566.


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